Thank you very much for working with Lipspeaker UK Ltd.  Whether this is your first chance to do so or whether we’ve been working together for years, it’s important to us that you are paid promptly and accurately based on the purchase order that you will have received from us and any additional fees that have been negotiated, if applicable.
To ensure an expedient service please address your invoices to Lipspeaker UK Ltd, 18 Anglesey Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire PO12 2EQ and send them via email to  Please ensure that they are in PDF format or within a recognised format generated by an accounting software such as Xero or Sage.
  • The Purchase Order number that you received from us for the booking.
  • The date and times of the booking.
  • The client name or initials
  • Your fees at a set fee or broken into appropriate time parameters. ie. per hour.
  • Travel costs, broken into mileage and rate, or costs for train tickets etc. Also include any receipts to support your expenditure.
  • If you are VAT registered ensure your invoice is a VAT Invoice which includes your VAT number.


We will acknowledge your invoice and will pay you within 30 days of receipt of an undisputed email.  If you have not had acknowledgement or payment within 10 days of sending your invoice then please send an email to and request that we check receipt. By doing this it will ensure that payments do not become over due. 

If at any stage you are unable to reach the Invoices email address, you can copy in or call us on 02392 988845.