How We Work With The Health Sector

Our director Lesley Weatherson is the only qualified British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter who is also a qualified midwife, in the UK.

Communication and understanding are important to make informed decisions about health, investigations and possible treatments.

Lesley can provide information and training to your health care service teams to promote and inclusive environment for deaf people.

Lesley has worked with the National Midwifery Council, Deaf Nests Project and delivered webinars to fellow BSL interpreters to raise awareness about the difficulties experienced by deaf women in the maternity setting.

BSL video version of the page

BSL & Lipspeaker video versions of the page​

You may need to book one or more of the following communication professionals:

  • Lipspeaker
  • BSL Interpreter
  • Speech-to-Text Reporter
  • Deaf BSL Relay Interpreter
  • Deafblind Interpreter
  • Notetaker

The Lipspeaker UK team can advise on the most appropriate professional to book.

Need to book a Lipspeaker?

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