Our Services



A hearing person professionally trained to be easy to lipread.

British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter

A deaf or hearing person that translates meaning from one spoken or signed language into another.

Sign Language Translator

Registered BSL Translators (RSLT) work by translating written text to British Sign Language (BSL).


A hearing person who produces a set of notes for people who cannot take their own.

Speech-To-Text Reporter (STTR)

A reporter who types verbatim account of what is said and the information appears on a screen in real time for users to read.

Expert Lipreader

A d/Deaf lipreader who will watch a person/persons speak and write a full account of what is being said.

Deafblind Interpreters, Guides and Orientators

Communication links for people who are DeafBlind using varies methods.

Clear Consultancy

Training, Information and Advice available for individuals, small groups, businesses and corporate enterprises.


A unique on-demand lipspeaking service allowing deaf and hard of hearing people to contact a service.

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