Hampshire Constabulary


The time has come to announce that we will be working with Hampshire Constabulary over the next four years supplying language service professionals. This work will include all matters including justice, announcements, information and also supporting training for Police Link Officers for Deaf people (PLOD).

From Monday 19th October 2020 Lipspeaker UK will supply hearing and deaf language service professionals (LSP’s) to Hampshire Police. Director, Lesley Weatherson, who herself is a qualified British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter and lipspeaker, proudly announced today that her company ‘Lipspeaker UK’ was chosen as the preferred supplier.

Lesley tells us “Lipspeaker UK is a deaf lead company and best placed to provide support to the citizens of Hampshire, the Isle of White and the Police. As a qualified BSL Interpreter and Lipspeaker, with a family of qualified language professionals supported by NRCPD registered professionals, we look forward to providing a bespoke service. This continues our long standing working relationship with PLOD and Hampshire Police“.

If you are a registered LSP and would like to work with us please do express your interest today.

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