MS Teams Glitch


It was a rather unusual Friday 13th for Lesley at Lipspeaker UK HQ this month. 

Working on Microsoft Teams (MS Teams), everything seemed like a normal remote assignment. Lesley had her lights in place, her headphones in and her background was clear. 

Having worked for various Government departments for over 20 years, Lesley is familiar with unusual acronyms and fast pace. To her surprise, Lesley was not prepared for what was about to happen……

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As usual, Lesley asks for feedback from her clients and during this discussion it became evident that fireworks had been going off during a high profile call.

Unbeknownst to Lesley, an iPhone update had created a special effect to happen whenever she signed two ‘thumbs up’’; fireworks appeared culminating in a glitter ball! Indeed a single ‘thumbs up’ made the thumb emoji appear inside a bubble, leaving the thumb.

After the laughter had subsided, it was apparent that all attendees on the call had seen the ‘thumbs up’ and the fireworks. 

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It took over an hour on a call to Apple Care to resolve the issue. 

Soon after Lesley and her client were making a FaceTime call and guess what happened? Yes, the fireworks appeared again. It needed patience and trial and error to remove this unwelcome special effect but she’s pleased to report it as, Game Over 🙂

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