Lipspeaker Selection Day

Are you interested in becoming a Lipspeaker? There will be a selection day taking place on 24th January 2020 Farnborough, Hampshire. If you are interested in coming along please contact us.

Lipreading Awareness Week – Lipspeakers and me

I have used lipspeakers for twenty years to provide communication support in the workplace, to readily access information which is all too often taken for granted by hearing colleagues. Without lipspeakers, I would never know my role in the workplace or the tasks I am supposed to undertake. Moreover, lipspeakers have helped me realise how […]

Lipreading Awareness Week – All about the Lips

All Eyes on the Lips! or It’s all about the Lips! When you think of lipreading and lipspeaking you notice that they are intertwined. Both words contain ‘lip’, a part of our mouth, and the actual main body part that I and most other deaf people focus on with our eyes for communication support (hearing […]

Lipreading Awareness Week – Extraordinary Blog

As a child, I was always an avid reader, perhaps because my general lack of coordination meant I was so terrible at sport. I read anything and everything; consuming every book in my parents house and the local library several times over before I went to secondary school. One book that made a lasting impression […]