A funeral service may include eulogies, funeral hymns, readings, and music. Some families will also choose to include a photo or video slideshow. Our patient, respectful communication professionals are available to help you say your best goodbye. Whether it’s a simple funeral with just the essentials or something more unique, we will ensure that communication is clear from start to finish.

Most funerals are currently held in places of religious worship and at the ceremony halls of cemeteries and crematoria but can beheld at a woodland burial ground or on your own land or other private land.

Our communication professionals are available to help you through any stage including the visitation, funeral ceremony, committal service, and a funeral reception.

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You may need to book one or more of the following communication professionals:
  • Interpreter for DeafBlind people
  • BSL Interpreter
  • Deaf BSL Relay Interpreter
  • Lipspeaker
  • Speech-to-Text-Reporter
  • Notetaker
All of our communication professionals are NRCPD registered and follow a strict code of conduct. The Lipspeaker UK team can advise on the most appropriate professional to book.

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