Celebrate the annual return of the date of a special event. Weddings, civil partnerships, birthdays and name changes, for example one special dates that people like to celebrate are:

  • Silver for 25 years
  • Pearl for 30 years
  • Coral for 35 years
  • Ruby for 40 years
  • Sapphire for 45 years
  • Gold for 50 years
  • Diamond for 60 years
  • Blue Sapphire for 65 years
  • Platinum for 70 years
  • Oak for 80 years

BSL video version of the page

You may need to book one or more of the following communication professionals:

  • Interpreter for DeafBlind people 
  • BSL Interpreter
  • Deaf BSL Relay Interpreter
  • Lipspeaker
  • Speech-to-Text-Reporter
  • Notetaker


All of our communication professionals are NRCPD registered and follow a strict code of conduct. The Lipspeaker UK team can advise on the most appropriate professional to book.

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