Remembering dear Diana


To Diana

Writing about Diana in the past tense does not come easily. As a friend and colleague she was part of my life in the true sense of the word.

Although I had met her before starting up Lipspeaker UK, I only really got to know her by chance. Stuck in a lift en route to a lipspeaking job at the BBC. Who would’ve thought those minutes would turn into a lasting friendship.

Diana was dedicated to her work. Not just because she had to support herself financially but she believed in the profession and wouldn’t knowingly leave a deaf client without lipspeaking support. Despite her fragility, she worked long days, often travelling great distances, to make sure the job was covered.

She was a member of the ALS, ALAS and VLP. Active in CPD and a tree of wisdom. Clients and colleagues alike will miss her skill, enthusiasm and passion.

In 2011 Diana was a guest at my wedding. What a day; blessed to have dear friends celebrate with us and Diana loved the venue; aboard HMS Warrior. A glass of champagne in her hand, she helped out our deaf guests by lipspeaking when needed.

I will remember her lipspick applications: mirror in one hand and a bright pink lippie in the other. Always wrapped up save the cold chilling her through. Strong and yet fragile. Outspoken and yet gracious. Loyal and dedicated and yet still a free spirit.

Stories of her beloved Bertie made his life seem so vivid to any listener; She cherished him.

It seems so unjust that her life was cut short by a tragic accident. But what a brave fight she fought.

Diana it was a privilege to have called you my friend. My colleague. My dear.

Rest in peace until we meet again. Keep the white on ice x

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