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What is Lipreading

People often confuse the term Lipreader with Lipspeaker or Lipreading with Lipspeaking.

A lipreader or speechreader is a person who has lost some or all of their hearing and who understands speech by looking at the lips, tongue and facial movements of the speaker and by using information provided by the context, natural flow, rhythm and stresses of speech and any residual hearing. The lipspeaker facilitates this by repeating a speaker’s message to lipreaders accurately without using their voice.

Lipspeakers clearly produce the shape of words, the flow, rhythm and phrasing of natural speech and repeat the stress as used by the speaker.

The lipspeaker also uses facial expressions, natural gesture and finger spelling (if requested) to aid the lipreader’s understanding.

For some people, lipreading may be the only possible means of communication.

How do I learn to lipread?

The best way is to join a day or evening class where you will be able to learn how to lipread in a supportive atmosphere with other hard of hearing and deafened people. A trained teacher will encourage you to develop your lipreading skills to the best of your ability. To find out about classes in your area enquire at your local library or Contact Hearing Link

Expert Lipreading Services

Want to know what has been said when voices are inaudible?

Ever considered how much information is read through body language and micro-expressions?

Our lip reading services are led by expert lipreaders with years of proven experience.

UK and International Services offered in English.

Live Translation:

– Coverage of an important event when you need to know what has been said even when sound quality may be poor or the spoken word is deliberately lowered; The Royal Wedding for example.

– A person who is unwell possibly following an operation, with no voice.

Video Translation:

– Get ahead in business by having your competitors comments revealed. Want to know who is saying what about you and your company?

– A panel at a conference for example who talk off mike.

– A wedding video where the microphone wasn’t switched on.

CCTV Translation:

– Of any investigation or surveillance. If the face is clearly visible we can tell you what was said even when there is little or no sound.

– Hidden cameras for example when background noise makes it impossible to hear what has been said.

Download our services PDF: LipspeakerUK_A4

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