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Dilys Palin

Retired Chair of the Association of Lipspeakers

Lesley is an exceptional lipspeaker with great integrity and passion for the profession. She strives hard to improve her personal and professional standards and recently won the Signature, regional Learner of the Year Award.

Photo of Jane giving a keynote speech.

‘Jane was the speaker at the podium and was taking questions from the floor and using the lipspeaker to understand these clearly’

Jane Cordell

Chair of Dada Fest Liverpool

Lipreader and Director of Getting Equal Consultancy.  As a deaf professional developing my own business I need a support service which is 100% reliable and trustworthy, providing  lipspeakers with the right professional and personal skills for the occasion, often at short notice. By using Lipspeaker UK Ltd and Lesley Weatherson I don’t only get that, I also get a consummate professional with a deep understanding of lipspeaking as a practitioner and someone with absolute integrity. Lipspeaker UK Ltd enables me to do my job to the best of my ability; I have total confidence in recommending Lesley’s services.

Colin Brown

Lipreader, Portsmouth

I have been working with Lesley for the past fifteen years. The ultimate professional.

William Brumeau-Green, Accountant

Lesley is an exceptional professional who delivers a first class service. Always going beyond the call of duty. Nothing is too much trouble and she makes sure I have full access by using a combination of lipspeaking with sign language; quite a skill! This means I can manage my business and excel as an accountant. Thank you!


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